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Batting Cage

There are 7 cages with various speeds of Softball and Baseball. We have 3 Slow Pitch Softball Cages, a 50 mph Softball Cage and a 60 mph Softball Cage. We have a 35 mph Baseball Cage, 40 mph Baseball Cage, 2-50 mph Baseball Cages, 2-60 mph Baseball Cages and a 70 mph Baseball Cage. There are bats and helmets available for use. Cages are closed during rain and inclement weather below 45 degrees.

To improve the consistency and accuracy of the pitches; the Baseball Pitching Machines have been rebuilt with new wheels, shafts, bearings and will have new baseballs and softballs.

  • Batting Cage
  • Batting Cage
  • Batting Cage


18 Pitchers per Token

1 Token: $3.00

6 Tokens: $12.00

10 Tokens: $17.00

20 Tokens: $30.00


40 Token Card: $50.00

80 Token Card: $80.00